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It’s Not Waste.
It’s Disposable Income.

Our network of recycling partners compete to ensure you get the best rebates for your waste.

Thousands of UK business literally throw money away when they dispose of their waste.

Smarter businesses may already be getting a rebate on their by-products, but are they getting the true value? The key to maximising your "disposable income" is to find the party that values your waste most highly. A simple principle, but not so simple for individual companies to do.

That’s why Allwood Recycling exist. We manage a huge nationwide network of certified waste management and recycling partners who will pay money for your card, plastics, wood and pallets. The value of your waste may fluctuate, but our network ensures we always connect you with the most lucrative partner for your waste.

Our Network

Stop throwing your money away. Find out how Allwood Recycling’s network ensures you achieve the maximum value.

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Smarter Strategies

Smarter strategies to reduce the storage burden of your waste and increase its value.

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Waste Services

We also offer complete waste management solutions including mixed waste removal and hazardous chemicals.

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Ethical Disposal

Allwood operate strict ethical standards for all companies that form our network so we can be sure that our clients' responsibilities are being met.

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1 simple process to boost your disposable income

Unlocking the power of our waste removal and recycling network is as simple as picking up the phone.

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