Large scale waste recycling made simple

How an international parcel delivery service uses Allwood to handle, process and recycle its waste materials

Allwood Recycling Solutions has been instrumental in overhauling an international parcel delivery service’s waste activities.

We now have 40 Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) trained, DBS checked staff and dedicated supervisors and managers working on-site, a labour solution that has seen us handle over 2 million pallets per year on behalf of this client.

General waste recycling that doesn’t clog landfill

It’s not just pallet recycling that we handle on the client’s behalf. We also provide bespoke machinery and labour that enables the handling, sorting, processing and recycling of a variety of waste types in volume, including general waste, food waste, cardboard, soft and rigid plastics, and metals.

Our general waste provisions have produced a zero to landfill result, whilst our team’s expertise in the segregation and baling of cardboard has actively generated higher revenue for our client. Soft plastics are also sorted and baled by our specialists into 99/1 and jazz grade.

Making the closed loop recycling strategy possible

We separate rigid plastics for our client too. These materials are then sent in bulk to an approved reprocessing facility where they are granulated. The granulated material is reprocessed into rigid boxes for our client fulfilling their closed loop recycling strategy. Within the same process, we recycle wheel arches from their fleet, successfully diverting them from general waste streams.

By engaging with Allwood Recycling Solutions, our client can access skilled and trained recycling operatives that have the knowledge and expertise to ensure valuable commodities, such as cardboard and plastic, are processed correctly.

With our help, these materials are sorted, baled and removed from general waste to increase the organisation’s recycling rate and help them unlock another significant source of revenue.

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