Multi-site support and a zero to landfill result

How a collaboration with a large UK retailer PLC across two distribution centres means waste recycling that suits the client and the planet

Our work with a large UK retailer has produced flagship results across two of the client’s key distribution centres. With 37 Allwood recycling operatives now working across their sites, the client has been able to transform its waste activities to minimise the risk of contamination, streamline operations, and harness better revenues from their waste materials.

Previously, our client would bale its waste cardboard on-site before moving it to a separate facility to be broken down. This meant that contaminants had to be removed and the materials re-baled before the cardboard could be ready for sale.

With our support and the help of our skilled, trained recycling operatives, cardboard can be sorted, its contaminations removed, and the resulting material baled in one site. This guarantees the highest grade cardboard and the best value for the client, whilst reducing re-baling and haulage costs to increase revenues further.

Bespoke machinery built for high rebates and recycling

Allwood Recycling Solutions has been instrumental in the design, build and supply of bespoke machinery for the sorting and handling of additional waste for this client. General waste, cardboard, plastic, rigid plastics, pallets, animal waste, and animal food pouches are now processed more efficiently and cost effectively as a result.

This has seen us achieve a zero to landfill outcome for our client, with operatives recycling 98% of waste and converting the additional 2% to energy. Our bespoke machinery has been influential in the sorting and recycling of our client’s soft plastic waste. We have transformed the grade of their recycled plastic materials from 90/10 contaminated grade to a 98/2 uncontaminated grade, achieving a much higher rebate for the client. We also recycle all coloured films – items which had previously gone into general waste – achieving UK jazz grade and generating additional revenue for the client.

A streamlined, speedy service for company and customer

Our staff play a vital role in the preparation of materials for collection. When trailers arrive on site, Allwood operatives de-kit and jet wash them for the client. As a result, we have reduced the tipping time for trailers from 90 minutes to 30 minutes enabling the client to get their products out to stores more speedily and satisfy the needs of their own customers. Our operatives have also improved the cleanliness and efficiency of our client’s wider sites.

Overall, our operations have increased the number of pool pallets which are loaded on a weekly basis from 3,000 to 7,500.

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