Higher rates and revenues for UK waste producers

How our network of exporters and approved processing facilities are streamlining operations for the country’s biggest waste producers

Our experience and connections throughout the export trade provide optimum results across our client base, including customers who regularly produce large volumes of waste.

At Allwood Recycling Solutions, we actively trade commodities on behalf of selected clients, including some of the UK’s largest waste producers. Our network of exporters and Environment Agency (EA) approved processing facilities allow us to trade material via Europe and deep-sea locations. Our flexibility across multiple markets enables us to achieve the highest revenues for our clients.

Over 30,000 tonnes recycled – and this figure is growing!

Using our established export links, we trade cardboard and other fibre products exceeding 30,000 tonnes on behalf of our clients, and this volume continues to grow. Our plastic polymer trading experience is another area that serves our large scale waste producers well. Both soft and hard plastics are reprocessed in the UK and Europe via our hand-picked, fully certified partners providing flexibility across multiple markets for our clients to profit from. We continue to offer the highest rebates to our clients as a result.

All our processes are fully licensed, accredited and audited. Our overseas reprocessing facilities are approved by the Environment Agency and exporters.

A prime example of our export efficiency

One of our clients produces circa 3,000 to 3,500 tonnes of plastic per year. Previously, this would generate just a small revenue for this waste stream.

We were able to source suitable, licensed facilities to increase their plastic recycling rates and improve their profits dramatically. Upon starting work with this client and in light of the market value of plastic materials at the time, we were able to increase this revenue stream by £1,000,000 per year.

Whilst the market continues to fluctuate year on year, a recent increase in material value means we’ve been able to boost revenue by a further £500,000 per year on behalf of our client.

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