Specialist & Hazardous Waste

Allwood provide specialist consultants who can offer full start to finish customised solutions to all forms of hazardous waste.

Allwood can supply containers and drums, chemical analysis carried out by accredited professionals, packing, labelling, transport and disposal.

All paperwork is provided with a full audit trail to comply with environmental regulations

Our specialist consultants offer fully customised solutions for the management, recycling and disposal of all forms of hazardous waste.

The management of specialist and hazardous waste is particularly complex. With our support, your organisation’s specialist and hazardous waste can be handled and recycled or treated safely and to the highest environmental standards.

We’re dedicated to providing effective, cost-efficient and responsible commercial waste and recycling services nationwide.

Why choose us?

We’re experts in the recycling and recovery of waste materials, and this extends to our specialist and hazardous waste provisions. Our highly trained, experienced consultants use innovative processes to recycle or recover hazardous waste materials. Anything that cannot be recycled or recovered is treated and disposed of safely and compliantly.

  • A full service from start to finish

    We supply the appropriate containers and drums, packing, labelling, transport and disposal options to ensure a complete service that suits your needs. Chemical analysis can also be carried out by our accredited professionals.

  • All waste types managed

    We provide management and disposal for all waste types, including but not limited to oils, chemicals, solvents, paints, aerosols, fuel bunds, fluorescent tubing, and contaminated rags and absorbents.

  • Scheduled or ad-hoc collections

    Our specialist and hazardous waste services are available across the UK on a regular, scheduled or ad-hoc basis to cater to your specific waste volumes and types.

  • A full audit trail as standard

    As part of our specialist and hazardous waste service, all paperwork is provided with a full audit trail to comply with the latest environmental regulations.

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