Food Waste

Anaerobic digestion is the process of turning organic matter into biogas or biofertiliser.

Transform organic waste into energy, maximise your revenue and minimise costs with our innovative animal and food waste recycling service.

Using anaerobic digestion – a process that turns organic material into biogas or biofertilisers – we provide a full service that handles any quantity of food waste. Last year alone, our experienced team processed over 1,500 tonnes of organic waste with animal and food waste collection and recycling services designed specifically for our clients’ needs.

We’re dedicated to providing effective, cost-efficient and responsible commercial waste and recycling services nationwide.

Why choose us?

We have experience assisting organisations of all sizes and niches with food waste management. At Allwood Recycling Solutions, our service goes beyond convenient and cost effective collection and disposal. We provide recycling solutions that make organic waste the renewable resource it should be.

  • Recycle your waste into energy

    We help you make the most of your excess organic matter. Using the latest methods, we process and convert food waste into renewable energy and biofertilisers that benefit the planet.

  • Access to high end technology

    Our nationwide network of hand selected, certified waste management and recycling partners gives you access to local anaerobic facilities that use high end technology.

  • Professional waste management

    We offer a management service that’s designed for you, whether you’d like advice on the segregation of waste to minimise the risk of contamination or a supply of trained staff to manage your requirements on-site.

  • Meet your organic waste needs

    We can advise on and provide appropriate containers (from enclosed skips to multiple trailers), arrange transport, and supply machinery to suit your organic waste needs.

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