Plastic Materials

We utilise our network of UK and European reprocessing facilities to ensure this material is recovered and recycled fully.

The planet’s plastic problem is widespread and well known.

With a comprehensive plastic materials recycling service like ours however, you can do your bit in reducing the burden polymers place on landfill sites around the world.

We process 2,000 tonnes of soft plastics and 2,000 tonnes of rigid plastics every year via our plastic materials recycling solutions.

We’re dedicated to providing effective, cost-efficient and responsible commercial waste and recycling services nationwide.

Why choose us?

With our support, industry knowledge and reprocessing options, you can reduce your organisation’s waste plastic materials significantly. We recycle many types of polymers to help our clients harness impressive rebates as well as uphold and support their own sustainability credentials.

  • Professional sorting on-site

    Our staff can work at your site to handle and organise your plastic materials. We produce plastic balers to the highest standards to prepare for collection.

  • UK and European reprocessing

    We utilise a network of UK based and European reprocessing facilities to ensure your plastic materials can be fully recovered and recycled.

  • Countless collection options

    Collections can be tailored to the needs of your individual loading sites, with skips, walking floor trailers and curtain side containers all available from us.

  • Complete waste management

    We specialise in the segregation, sorting, loading and collection of plastic, polystyrene, rigid plastics and many other recyclable materials.

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