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Smart Strategies

We offer both advice and consultation for any scale of operation.

Whilst our network approach to waste management ensures you get the best market rate for your waste materials, there are additional strategies you can employ to further your waste management and boost your "disposable income”.

To maximise your waste value, we can advise you as to which materials to mix and which to separate. In the industry, waste materials of a non complementary type mixed together is known as contamination. The greater your waste contamination, the lower the value your waste can command. Simply by adjusting a few internal handling processes you can add significant value to your “disposable income”, or for those less desirable waste products, you can reduce the cost to ethically dispose of them.

Choosing the right time to dispose of your waste can increase its value. Different waste types have different demands. By delaying or releasing your waste early, you may be able to command a better market price for your waste. Managing the condition of certain types of waste, e.g. cardboard or plastic, can increase their market value, and even transform a negative cost waste product into a rebate product.

The cost to transport waste can significantly impact on your "disposable income". If your waste volumes are high enough, we can advise on and offer significant discounts on the cost of equipment to bale your carboard and plastics, and compactors for your general waste.

By condensing the physical volume of your waste, a greater payload can be transported in a single vehicle which can add value to your income, or again, reduce the cost of ethical disposal.

You may also benefit from the reduced physical footprint that a compacted waste material offers. You can potentially store more waste on site to benefit from larger payloads or more intelligent market timing, or you can free up valuable space to commit to other areas of your operation.

These are just some of the ways we can help you increase your disposable income and improve your relationship with waste management. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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